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Cambridge Touchstone Collection of English language teaching Download

Download Cambridge Touchstone - a collection of English language teaching Touch Stone

Of Education Language Touch Stone (Touchstone), released by the publisher, Cambridge, complete set for teaching English to adults and teenagers in basic to intermediate level (A1-B2) is, according to investigations carried out by the University of Cambridge Aston touch as much as the Mac it in everyday life to teach real English language. Touch Stone, grammar, vocabulary, and conversation strategies to meet the needs of learners in modern life training.

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  1. Alfredo Gutierrez

    What’s the password to all the files?

  2. is there another link where to find the audios for the quizzes and tests?

  3. password

  4. Carlos Diaz Galindo

    good morning

    first thank you for the material

    second Touchstone Classware part 1 i don’t can donwload can you help me?

  5. Touchstone Classware
    download Download – Part 1

    is Not Present , could you please post it again?


  6. porqué cuando lo extraigo me salen las carpetas vacias todas?

  7. Thanks for the material. One little request: The passwords (you posted 2 different ones) don´t work for books 1 & 2. Could you help me with that?

    I appreciate it.

  8. Thanks for this great material. Could you help me with the PASSWORD?

  9. while exact file contains touchstone 1 SELFSTUDY AUDIOS?? TNX

  10. my comment has seem have disappeared. I will try again. The downloads are very very slow. Any way of making them faster or any other links available. Thanks

  11. Great download. Thanks. Has anyone got the video resource books. That would be great.

  12. Cambridge Touchstone 1 part 5 and 6 off

  13. Gracias por el aporte, me gustaria encontrar el software de la segunda edicion de touchstone 🙁 Serias tan amable de subirlo?

  14. Es la segunda o la primera edición?

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