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Bootstrap a set of tools for building web sites and web applications. Bootstrap HTML and CSS based design includes a template for typography, forms, buttons, charts, steering parts and other components of the user interface and optional extensions (JavaScript Extensions), is. Most popular Bootstrap on GitHub project that proposed by NASA and MSNBC, and other sites were used. Bootstrap relatively poor support for HTML 5 and CSS 3, but is compatible with all major browsers. From version 2.0, bootstrap responsive design (Responsive design) is also supported. This means that designing graphics for web pages with dynamic features of the device used (PC, tablet and mobile ) are adapted
In terms of education, the Bootstrap 3 Tutorial Series you are familiar with the basic functionality and key bootstrap.

Topics Education of Up and Running with Bootstrap 3:
– Download and install Bootstrap
– Introduction to the Bootstrap File
– Check the network 12 column (12-column grid)
– Change the width and column order
– The appearance of buttons, images and tables
– Creating a Thumbnail Gallery
– Adding JavaScript effects, such as menus, tabs, accordion, etc.
– And …

Topics Bootstrap 3: Advanced Web Development:
– Prototyping site
– Work with a local web server
– Create a base template with Git
– Create the main pillars – Modular construction site with PHP
– Add navigation (navigation) first
– Add a carousel
– Working with buttons
– Construction and activation tabs
– Add Page and styles of LESS
– And …

Topics Templating with Joomla! 3 and Bootstrap:
– Check the layout of the graphics of
– Create HTML based on Bootstrap framework
– Convert HTML to Joomla template
– Install a custom template for Joomla
– Use Firebug and the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar
– Design Navigation Bar
– Modify the form of tablets and mobile phones
– Work with advanced formatting features, such as override display
– And …

Other training courses:
– Customization Bootstrap 3 with LESS
– Education Bootstrap 3 for adding interactivity to Web Site
– Learn key capabilities Bootstrap 3
– And …