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Blur game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Download

Download Blur XBOX 360, PS3 - crystal games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

After a game Split / Second’s time to release another game in the same genre or style Racing was racing.This game is Blur, Activision is the company that designed and built by Bizzare Creations studio for three platforms PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 has been released. Like all racing style game, meaning players in the game crossed the finish line as quickly as possible, but Blur’s power has been seasoned competition is not limited to the use of speed. Players will be competing at tracks such as circular dependencies and game points are placed along the path that leads to the acquisition of a new power.
This power can be a means of attack is to attack your rivals or a defensive tool to stop attacks behind them.An example of this equipment in a game like Mario Kart found but not the tools of the Imitation Game.Electric shocks are a great example of the attacks. The graphics are very nice very nice car and have a bit of reality as well as the beautiful cars. The most beautiful thing in the game is when you get your car into the water because the water drops quite real to blow all these effects Nzrmyaynd camera allows you to experience a game with very good detail and to have fun. The strength of this game is the graphics. As eye-catching graphics of the game are also very beautiful sound, so that was a little loud absolutely feel that you’re in the game and this will be a wave of excitement in your life sound effects play Very good crash and hit the other car body can totally realistic sound and feel.

Blur Screenshot 1 Blur Screenshot 2 Blur Screenshot 3 Blur Screenshot 4 Blur Screenshot 5

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