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Download Planet Earth S01E05: Deserts - Planet Earth: Deserts
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Planet Earth in 2006 by the documentary channel BBC and directed by Alastair Fothergill (director famous film documentary) with a budget of 25 million dollars! During a period of 5 years. George Fenton for this magnificent ballad music collection that is fun watching this effect several times. When watching this collection of incredible sequence over and over again you will see that listening to the soundtrack (with 6-channel Dolby Digital audio quality) will be added to the excitement!
The series was filmed in 62 countries and 204 different locations. One of the most well-known broadcaster David Attenborough documentary speakers and nature of the universe and also received the title of Sir. This document has 11 episodes (episodes) is. In the first part of a public viewing areas in the next 10 episodes are scheduled to be addressed is given. Next we’ll discuss each of the 10 natural habitats of the land and animals that live in the area, today. In this document the behavior of animals that had not been seen previously depicted. Like: the pursuit of high deer by wolves, grizzly bear cub for the first time come out of the cave, a sudden attack of hundreds of Swordfish and …
Experts from the series as “a final view on the diversity of the planet” have names. The planet, which is the first documentary film series cameras with high resolution (HD) has been prepared and before the cameras were used only for Hollywood movies.


One-third of our planet desert is formed, it works remains of land devoid of life to come but surprisingly it is not, of course, desert survival is an unsustainable trend. Did you know that not all of the Siberian hot desert winds blow 50 mph and snow to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia bring with you! Heat over 50 degrees Celsius at the height of summer and temperatures drop to 40 degrees below zero in the middle of winter here in one of the driest desert in the world. Few animals are able to survive in this extreme weather changes, one of the rarest and perhaps most land mammals camel West is tough.

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