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Life is a series of documentaries Wildlife manufacturing network is a network BBC BBC: One of the network BBC: HD player.
This magnificent complex, an overview of the strategies and efforts in the struggle for survival of organisms. Trying to hunt down and not hunting, so evocative and beautiful images of hunting scenes, animals, fighting to survive in demanding circumstances, an effort that Charles Darwin named it as the struggle for existence. In this collection of highly advanced technology videos were filmed for the first time on Planet Earth was applying, in addition to the unique set of techniques were used to show different images and very real to the audience answer. Techniques such as fixed cameras by helicopter, feeling the butterflies flying in and work with animals including reindeer allowed to shoot from them, and the animals are a part of the environment. In this series of cameras full power of the Mac that captures up to 8000 frames per second, which is used in hunting scenes attractive feature that has not been seen hunting was very useful and effective.

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The most successful primate species on our planet are, intelligent, cordial and family bonds stronger than other species, this collection focuses on introducing a variety of mammals to introduce some of them:
Kumquat, African elephants, lions, hyenas, bat, reindeer
Hippos in Africa is a herbivorous mammals. Although heavy obese and also have short legs but can easily outdo a man. Hippos can speed 48 kilometers per hour in a short time an Olympic runner overtake.African hippos are considered dangerous and aggressive animals and humans if they are close to humans attack and death.

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