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BatteryCare v0.9.18.0 DOWNLOAD

 – health care software Laptop Battery

Download BatteryCare v0.9.18.0 - health care software Laptop Battery
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For all laptop users have repeatedly occurred while working with a laptop, do not expect when you think of it now supports the laptop battery now faced with laptop shutdowns. It caused many problems for the users. But with prevention and observe some of it can be unpleasant (bad early laptop batteries) to prevent or at least postpone it.
BatteryCare software applications that can help you stay healthy laptop battery, a Mac does. This software lets you control power consumption by monitoring cycle, improving battery life possible. The application review and current charges and charges for the algorithm derived from these changes, the right time to recharge and to inform the user’s current full charge and thus the battery life of increase practice guidance . The software is free and fantastic, accurate information you will display the battery status. It can also measure the temperature of HDD and CPU is capable and can automatically switch the system power consumption plan to take advantage of lower battery consumption. You can use this software to properly use laptop battery monitor and optimize it and thus increase the battery life of your laptop.

A key feature of the software BatteryCare:
– Monitor battery cycle
– A reminder to calibrate the battery
– Detailed information Batteries
– Read the heat of the CPU, HDD
– View the health status of the battery and the loss of battery cells
– Automatic switching battery
– Notification area information
– Automatic Updates
– Low volume
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And …

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