Autodesk PowerShape Ultimate 2018.2.0 x64 – software download

Download Autodesk PowerShape Ultimate 2018.2.0 x64 - Industrial Design and Modeling Components for Production

PowerShape is a powerful computer-aided design (CAD) software introduced by Delcam, now supported and published by Autodesk. This software is specially designed for industrial design, modeling and preparation of parts for production. This software is one of the most powerful modeling software and is able to prepare them for surface by surface, solid, and meshing of complex components such as die casting molds.

This software is used as a pre-production application application in the design and CAD design. In fact, this software is a companion for CAM software such as FeatureCAM and PowerMill. With the help of this software, it is possible to model and design various models of industrial parts in a variety of ways and prepare them for NC planning. This software has high-quality precision and tools and greatly reduces the design time and increases the speed and quality of fabrication.

Key features of Autodesk PowerShape Ultimate:
– The most powerful design and modeling software for industrial parts
– Preparation of models designed for NC planning
– Analysis, repair and improvement of CAD designs
– Modeling of complex electrodes
– Flexible Surface Modeling
– Separation of cavities and holes in the design
– Design of complex and detailed parts
– Pattern and texting of models
– High compatibility with other Autodesk software

PowerShape Ultimate Screenshot 1 PowerShape Ultimate Screenshot 2 PowerShape Ultimate Screenshot 3 PowerShape Ultimate Screenshot 4 PowerShape Ultimate Screenshot 5

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