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Audio Quran with translation of Persian verse by verse Mp3 Download

Download audio Quran with translation of Persian verse by verse
(93/8/19) changes:
Set “Trtyl with Altnyjy Khalifa, Pickthall translation with voice-guided process” was added!

The current and the plight of the everyday life so entertaining is little opportunity to read the Koran and enjoying verses loses its navigator.
On the other hand a lot of wasted time per day that we have to Gzarandn, time from home to work, sometimes forced to pass time in the car, bus or metro are. At this time we can listen to the verses of the Quran closer together and make the most of our time.
Most existing audio file of the Koran does not translate as well as high sound quality, and this makes the lack of detailed understanding of the verse to our message Farsi speaking after a while listening to it is a little bit boring.
Here’s what we’ve prepared for you Trtyl Koran for high-quality Persian translation of a verse by verse.

Features of the complex:
– 160 hours Trtyl and translation of the Quran for verses
– Koran reciters MESHARI Alfasy for Trtyl pleasant voice, baker and Khalifa Altnyjy
– The Persian Ayatollah Mac Eram spiritual voice and passionate Kabiri
– The Persian Master Minds with voice guided oven
– Can be stored and distributed on CD / DVD / Flash Memory for playback in the car
– Can be stored and played back on mobile and MP3 Player
– Remove verse that the obligatory bow, and the only means of
– The file name of the sura, the name of the English and Arabic Name
Qur’an (read) the doctor Shariati
Quran book of that name its more than 70 chapters taken from human issues, and its more than 30 chapters of physical phenomena and only 2 of his chapter of worship! It pilgrimage and prayer!
Jhadsh book of verse numbers can not be compared with the signs of His service …
The book of the day when the enemy is cunning and ignorance like wormholes through it, layer Mtnsh was abandoned when it was consumed, the cover was introduced and since then is the other did not read the book-reading and for sanctification and consecration and moving to go, since other mental and emotional pain of social and asked him, by healing physical ailments such as back pain and Badshanh and the wake left there because, over the their sleep and finally, you see, now soaked underworld have served and sacrificed the spirit of the ancestors and the spirits called out of our cemeteries can be heard.

Quran! I’m sorry if I made you die singing any time in our alley Thy song gets everyone is asking: “Who is dead?”
What a great ignorance that we think God has revealed to us is dead

Quran! I’m sorry if you have a practical version of a fairy tale have become living museum
A taste that you wrote on rice, one talent that you have carpet, a taste that you wrote with gold, which boasts one of the smallest cut you a this released … Did God sent you to the museum building?

Quran! I’m sorry if you read them and you can even hear it sit so that your feet to the music of daily living creature sit. If you take a breath, read a few verses from the audience scream: “… Well done!” As if the race is breath …

Quran, I’m sorry if the festival has become an issue of keeping up with you, read you, newest first, a knowledge or making a record? I wish that you have kept them, maintain, and this tournament means you do not intelligence.

Blessed is everyone who wants Folio for you
Wake you so admire are those who sing, as if the Quran was revealed to them right now. What we have with the Qur’an is only part of Islam, which drew ignorance Cross

Information Koran:
Wedding Quran: Surah Rahman
The largest chapters: Chapter II
The verse: II / 282
Word of the Quran: Vlytltf / Cave / 19
The word of God: Fasqynakmvh / stone / 22
The first chapter was revealed: alagah
The number of suras: 114
Of the Quran: 120
The number of letters in the Qur’an: 323671
Bsmlh number Quran: 114
Prostrations recommended Quran 11 verse
Fa chapter that talks about it: Fatiha
A chapter that all the signs of God’s word: controversy
The most inspiring verse: twin or cruel God I worship Alzyn Asrfva Ali Anfs·hm Latqntva
Heart Quran: Surah Yasin
The smallest chapters: Chapter Kosar
The smallest verse: HA
Say the Quran: to
Smallest word of God: with Bsmlh
The last chapter, which came Nasr
Of the Quran: 30 except
The number of words in the Quran: 77437
Number of verses: 6236
The number of disconnected letters: 71 at the beginning of Chapter 29
The verse of the Quran: Kursi verse
Chapter of the letter M in it: Kosar (other than Bsmlh)
Most justice verse Allah and Al-Ihsan Yamr Baldl
Most feared verse: Femen works shekels of particle conditions Yrh

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