Ashampoo Snap v9.0.0 + Business v9.0.3 + 2017 software Review Download

دانلود Ashampoo Snap v9.0.0 + Business v9.0.3 + 2017 - نرم افزار تصویر برداری از محیط دسکتاپ

Many times the need for photo -taking from the desktop The Print Screen key and inefficiency in many environments, causing the tool to do this we of course are looking for when they need video capture from your desktop environment have the same need in the form the other felt.
Software Ashampoo Snap tool to capture the screen with powerful tools for editing images. The software enables users to capture anything on the Desktop as a part or all of the software, websites, etc. and, if necessary, edit it. The app also has an interactive guide is also available at all stages of shooting and working with software on a Mac you.
The need for imaging and capture software and business environment of Windows as a Screen Shot with quality and probably one of the things that may happen over and over again for you, for the preparation of training different for the workplace their programs to the needs of others and many others. Windows that allows shooting using the Print Screen key on the keyboard, and naturally provides good quality images and the ability to edit your Windows software is not necessary.

A key feature of the software Ashampoo Snap:
– Has three different modes portrait, captures an overview of the Windows and programs based imaging software and imaging measures to free the mouse in any part of the Windows environment and applications can take and then the shots
– The ability to capture several images without the need to restart
– The ability to add different effects when photographing Shadow and Shape
– Ability to include all objects in the image, such as the cursor and …
– Different means editing
– Ability to Rotate, Resize and Undo / Redo without limit
– The ability to add text with font size, and color effects desired image
– Drawing shapes and lines on the image desired
– Equipped with different effects and Spotlight Highlight
– The ability to see the operation of large, long windows Auto Scroll long pages, capture and storage of all parts in a video file
– The ability to photograph the pages Desktop computer that uses multiple monitors
– Improving and adding several new tools for editing images taken from the monitor screen

Ashampoo Snap Screenshot 1 Ashampoo Snap Screenshot 2

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