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Ashampoo HDD Control Corporate v3.10.00 DOWNLOAD

 – software to increase hard drive performance

Download Ashampoo HDD Control Corporate v3.10.00 - software to increase hard drive performance

One of the most important components of your computer is the hard drive. When you drive constantly and you have to make it work properly and check Czech. In this way you could avoid the problems that the

Mac hard drive be there for you. When your hard drive crashes or problems that arise, data loss is definitely one of the results.
Software Ashampoo HDD Control is a tool to enhance the performance of your drive. The software protects your hard disk against potential errors and noise or problems that may arise on it to eliminate this protection through the implementation of 3 main action viewing, integration and care takes place.During surgery the application of all existing drive Serial ATA and IDE support. Components connected to the system via USB ports, firewire or RAID controller often do not support these functions.

Based on the type of drive in use Ashampoo collection of important information, including the version of firmware, cache size and the number of existing partitions, temperature and space gives the user the drive. At the end of the data collection program for the health and function of the user’s drive. In order to take care of your drive this software to remove and organizing data on the hard drive, and additional deals. Temp files, backups, and copy the files in the bucket of the game losses are eliminated. In addition, the application can cache (Casch) additional erase cookies from the browser and the Internetclear and integrated modules are able to integrate this software can organize all your files and access the hard drive faster and thus there will be more dependent on system resources. Defragment when you do not have a system to automatically run.

Key features of the software Ashampoo HDD Control:
– Providing information about the serial number, a bad sector on a disk cache and …
– Constant temperature and performance reports
– Help context-sensitive and accurate
– View the current SMART files with detailed
– To be able to offer Report
– Monitor temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit
– Interface with color view and control
– The ability to easily and automatic software updates
– Ability to clean-up fast and powerful disk
– Automatic disk defragmentation
– Integration through algorithms with minimal impact system performance
– The integration of all drives at the same time
– Ability to select the type Pkparchh (fast, normal, intelligent)
– Options and the structure adjustments accordingly
– Ability to define exceptions automatically and manually
– And …

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