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(96/3/12) changes:
Update to version 2.5.8

Armored Aces name of the game online shooters and beauty that has graphics that are attractive. Games game has a style that will give you hours of fun. Multiple tanks of World War II and modern, choose a tank and strengthen its devastating power. The armored force tens of thousands of real players join their team in the tournament to death and capture the flag Immerse yourself for battle! Play an online game, if fans and fans of online action game series, you do not miss the beautiful game. The game has a very addictive gameplay is. The game has more than 40 tanks and a variety to choose from and fight the competition.

Features Games Mobile Armored Aces – 3D Tanks Online:
Destroyed more than 40 tanks and armored vehicles can actually choose your own tank.
– to strengthen various parameters upgrade it.
– in the car, such as T-34 and Tiger legendary World War II or fight Sherman.
– famous modern tanks, including T T-90MS Tagil or Bramas powerful drive M1A2.
– the war in different landscapes and different scenarios (desert, rubble, town, etc.), in a battle of epic 6 6 participate.
– the exciting gameplay and real bodies and physical fun.
– the graphics quality, accurate and authentic car models and particle effects spectacular fun.
– tanks VK 45.02 WWII German test
– Tank tops tire English rule A34
– KV-5 is now stronger body armor and head

Changes in version 2.5.8
– Added new tanks: Leopard 1A4
– Added: T-72 model + texture
– Fixed bugs and game issues

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