Archmodels Vol 81-90 DOWNLOAD

 – ARCH model (three-dimensional models ready) 81 to 90

Download Archmodels Vol 81-90 - ARCH model (three-dimensional models ready) 81 to 90
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The control of three-dimensional models ready Arch 71 to 80 models that include sports equipment, household items and animals, cars, trees, plants and formats 3DS, DXF, JPG, MAX , OBJ and is located on the site.

The series, which began on the site are, for Architects, industrial designers, designers and decoration and professional software , three-dimensional, animation , games , and love the art of interior design that is just beginning to learn three-dimensional software, and interior and exterior decoration of the building have is very good.

Archmodels Vol.81: tens of models of sport and football field and basketball court and wood Bystbal
Archmodels Vol.82: tens of models of home appliances such as electric kettle and coffee maker and toaster and an iron and ….
Archmodels Vol.83: tens of models of animals like dogs, fish, horses, cats and aquariums
Archmodels Vol.84: tens of models of cars and jets and military helicopters and military equipment
Archmodels Vol.85: tens of models of palm trees and other tall trees
Archmodels Vol.86: tens of models of flowers and plants, household and decorative flowers and …
Archmodels Vol.87: tens of models of wide-format printers and office products remain cold water and soda machine and shelves and boards etc (this volume format in addition to the MAC of the material he ri, for format C4d, FBX, OBJ and Feb-crystal film with his material with material Scanline and Mental Ray Ray and Max format is also included)
Archmodels Vol.88: tens of models of items such as Christmas trees and Christmas gifts
Archmodels Vol.89: tens of models of tables and chairs
Archmodels Vol.90: dozens of models and types of shampoo and cream Azvsayl dental and Pyrayshgah

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