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Archmodels Vol 61-70 DOWNLOAD

 – ARCH model (three-dimensional models ready) 61 to 70

Download Archmodels Vol 61-70 - ARCH model (three-dimensional models ready) 61 to 70
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The control of three-dimensional models for the Arch model from 61 to 70, that includes toys Games , apartment, plants, decorative objects, musical instruments and formats 3DS, DXF, JPG, MAX, OBJ is and has been on the site.

The series, which began on the site are, for Architects, industrial designers, designers and decoration and professional software , three-dimensional, animation , games and love the art of interior design that is just beginning to learn three-dimensional software, and interior and exterior decoration of the building have is very good.

Archmodels Vol.61: over 62, and object model to a variety of natural plant a real garden, plant, wild plant, pot and …
Archmodels Vol.62: More than 64, to three-dimensional model of skyscrapers, towers, apartments, complexes, etc.
Archmodels Vol.63: dozens of beautiful interior and exterior design of the building as a three-dimensional model is ready for use in three-dimensional design
Archmodels Vol.64: dozens of models and objects to decorative objects, antique, classic cultures, especially East Asia
Archmodels Vol.65: dozens of models and objects to tables and chairs and classic decor
Archmodels Vol.66: more than 65 models and object ready with a pot of flowers and ornamental plants
Archmodels Vol.67: more than 47 models ready elaborate musical instruments
Archmodels Vol.68: more than 50 objects to the kitchen appliances like refrigerators and ….
Archmodels Vol.69: dozens of models and objects of toys ready to play , dolls, …
Archmodels Vol.70: more than 64 models ready for hospital equipment

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