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AMD (ATI) Catalyst Software Suite for Desktop / Notebook v15.7.1 x86 / x64 DOWNLOAD

 – set the graphics card drivers for AMD / ATI Radeon

AMD (ATI) Catalyst Software Suite for Desktop / Notebook v15.7.1

Laptops with Intel graphics cards and AMD:
Another very important thing about laptops is that more than one graphics card and an external graphics card and AMD here, 1 is a integrated graphics.

For example, laptops with AMD graphics cards from Intel integrated graphics as Intel HD Graphics benefit and so called Switchable Graphic Card.

These laptops also have private drivers and public drivers from AMD on these devices are not installed and if it is installed will create confusion and problems.

AMD’s still something special for these laptops not only offer the drivers provided by the manufacturer of the laptop is used and, if not available, refer to the CD in the box.

– Set before you the most complete archive so that all drivers Radeon Radeon Family drivers for all Windows in the list, and no pen come on, so if the driver you are there in the list means that the company AMD still has not released a driver for it.

– Drivers in each version will be updated with the phrase “new” are specified.

And classification accuracy were used in preparing this list does not have the same in any site, even in the AMD website are not separated by this precision drivers.

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