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(12/6/12) Changes:
Update to version 2.1.2

Amateur Surgeon 4 is a new, very popular, entertaining simulation and phantom style game developed by the adult swim games studio released for the Android operating system. If you are looking for medical and surgical simulations for Android, this simulator can be a good option for you. In this game, you play the role of a newborn surgeon who has no medical equipment and has to deal with his home appliances such as a knife or hammer. You are actually playing the role of blood doctor, Dr Blood is a novice surgeon who has just returned from the world of the dead. He will discover the secret of his resurrection alongside his surgeries, in this game you will learn more about Blood Doctor, Allan Probe and Chain Hospital “All Blood” and with his old and new friends like A stitch that can work in your heart and your dog will know how to cure cuts. The game has fantastic graphics , with cool and attractive environments, and a unique sound that will fascinate you for hours and fun with your beautiful gameplay. Also, this beautiful game has got a score of 4.7 out of 5.

Some features of the mobile game Amateur Surgeon 4:
– There are more than 100 patients in the body, including the eye, brain, heart, lungs and …
– The possibility of surgery on animals such as bears, giant squirrels and even robots
– Ability to serve more than 30 assistants, each with their own capabilities
– Has an endurance state called a field hospital where you must undergo surgery at all speeds
– Has various achievements to get by your players
– Ability to compete with friends to get the highest score and reach the highest score table of the game
– Excellent detail design with exciting sound and different construction

V2.1.2 version changes: 
– New update with dozens of new features

Amateur Surgeon 4 Screenshot 1 Amateur Surgeon 4 Screenshot 2 Amateur Surgeon 4 Screenshot 3 Amateur Surgeon 4 Screenshot 4

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