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Download Age of warring empire v2.4.70 - mobile game Age of war Empire
(96/3/4) changes:
Update to version 2.4.70

With the game online Very beautiful and addictive experience that is popular yet been released for the Android operating system and more than 29 million players around the world are playing this beautiful game are online. The game in the genre of epic games and strategy, just the beautiful game download and have the device installed, your empire established the city to build and own mighty army ready and by countries his neighbor so that you can capture a large country and empire for yourself. The Mac build buildings and military Msthkamat, allowing the creation of the group, graphic attractive, flowing gameplay feature is the beautiful game and online.
Note: This game is an online game and it needs to run the Internet is.

Some features of the game Mobile Age of Warring Empire:
– Build your own realm and battle to conquer enemy territory
– recruitment and powerful leaders of ancient Greece, Rome and Persia!
– includes a large number of heroes with unique powers and skills
– The Mac upgrade their clothing and armor heroes and empowerment
– having graphics HD + Sound is stunning and colorful exciting

Age of warring empire Screenshot 1 Age of warring empire Screenshot 2 Age of warring empire Screenshot 3 Age of warring empire Screenshot 4

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