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Aerobic Video Training Download

Download Aerobic Video Training - Aerobic Training in Persian

Aerobics ability to perform complicated movements and flexibility along with the music. According to the traditional practice of aerobic exercise with activities generally more difficult and complicated. Aerobics an effective tool to prevent depression, impatience, aching, because the endorphin hormone is produced in the body and cause vitality, increased mental focus and intellectual creativity Myshvd.tmrynat large muscles of your aerobics workout is tolerable when the speed and intensity of the work are (at least 12 minutes with the rhythmic and harmonic), and during this Fraaynd body’s need for oxygen increases for a while. Medically, this exercise system, heart, blood vessels, teaches breathing and oxygen with speed and efficiency, and to different parts of the body, breathing evenly through the nose and mouth, and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide Twinning control blood sugar, blood pressure and excess body weight loss will be.

Courses teach the aerobics offers various training exercise for weight loss, weight loss and fitness are familiar position.

learning programs:
– Sleeping and abdominal movements
– warm-up exercises
– Some fine movement
– Kickboxing
– Foot and side movements
– Hand gestures and tuck
– Working with weights
– Step
– And …

– The collection in the form of 6 VCD (Video CD six) supplied.
– After the download on any of the CD should MPEGAV folder and files with a software Video Player like KMplayer, VLS, K-LITE open.
– Because of outdated video image size is small.

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