Download 2D Character Animation - Creating two-dimensional animated characters
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The use of animation of (moving images) to build off the computer and mobile as well as the production of cartoon programs necessary to come. To create the two-dimensional animated characters (2D Character Animation) can feature and tools in the application of the graphic two-dimensional, such as Photoshop, Flash, be longs effects and use. Before that better than the animating principle and Anmyshn of professionally familiar. For example, all the animators (animated characters in Anmyshn s) after the initial design (drawing) must learn to walk before running before speaking parts of your face should be able to shake.
During the training the 2D Character Animation with basic functionality and is the key in making two-dimensional characters and animating principle these characters learn to be fully functional.

Headlines training of:
– How to design characters
– Understand the concept of internal forces against foreign troops in the characters
– Understand the basic concepts of animation animated characters two-dimensional
– Create joint to connect (Join) different parts of the body of a character
– Add decorations such as jewelery and watches the characters
– Details of the person working on the software Illustrator
– Two-dimensional character facial animation in Flash
– Construction to better control the movements of characters and character animations thereby
– How to create dramatic effects, such as the move to the outside and the inside
– How to create an arc motion animation
– How to show the impact on our bodies in animation
– View the effects on the body weight and velocity as well as the effect of weight on the two-dimensional character
– Animation characters (simple animation with characters)
– Design and animation move running cartoon characters
– Design and facial animation characters in different situations
– Designing and animating lip and mouth movements when putting together words by saying each letter animation
– Design and animation cartoon characters eye movements
– The final figure cartoon animation software Flash and After Effects
– And …